The icebergs are melting. The Great River is overflowing. Along the coast, the trees are uprooted. Sydney. Soon, it won’t exist! The dolphins are swimming deeper and deeper. The Order of the World is changing. The Rhythm. Punta Arenas. Soon, it won’t exist! Everything I loved will be lost! The tree I was climbing when I was a child. San Francisco. Soon, it won’t exist! This map is wrong, this map is wrong, it is wrong! The waves are getting bigger and bigger, they all stand still! Hong-Kong. Soon, it won’t exist!
You have to be able to stand on your feet and get away from every worthless bevy, writes Roithamer, leaving all these insignificant persons behind you, all these stupid minds and go out, in the clean air, abandoning everything that has to do with this worthless society, you must have the strength and the courage and the cruelty against yourself and abandon all these ridiculous, useless, weakminded people and once you have exhaled all those you have abandoned, to inhale something new. You must get away –as fast as you can- from all these useless herds that the only thing they have in common is stupidity and nothing else, to abandon all the bevies and return to yourself where you will find serenity and clarity.

— Thomas Bernhard, Correction
M’ amour, m’amour
What do I love and where are you?
That I lost my center fighting the world
The dreams clash and are shattered
And that I tried to make a paradiso terrestre.

— Ezra Pound

Directed by
blitz theatre group

blitz theatre group
Rania Kelaiditi
Νikos Flessas

Fotis Nikolaou

Scenic design
Eva Manidaki ↗

Lighting design
Tassos Palaioroutas
Aggeliki Papoulia
Christos Passalis
Giorgos Valais

Athens, 2006

made by Lamb and Lamp