Daily I venture forth in search of something new,
long have I probed every path in my country,
dwelled on the cool heights, the shades and the springs.
My mind wanders high and low seeking rest.
So would a wounded deer flee to the woods
where he once lay in the shade at noon.
Yet his leafy lair no longer refreshes his heart,
crying and sleepless he bears the prickly thorn.
Neither the warmth of light nor the cool of night comforts him,
in vain does he wash his wounds in fluvial waves,
while just as vainly the earth offers the healing herb,
and no wind can soothe his feverish blood.
So, beloved ones, it seems to be with me as well.
Can no one lift the mournful dream from my brow?

Yes! All is futile, gods of death, when you
have fettered the vanquished man,
when you, vile gods, have carried him into the awful night.
It is futile for him to implore, to roar his anger,
or bear exile with fear and patience, and with a smile abide by your sober song.
If you must, then forget your salvation in silent sleep!
And yet,you shelter in your breast a sound of hope,
you still cannot, oh, soul, give in and learn to dream in leaden sleep.
This is no time to celebrate, but I long to wear a garland.
Am I then not alone?
Something auspicious must be coming from afar,
so that I smile and wonder how in the midst of pain I can feel such bliss.

Golden light of love, do you also sparkle for the dead?
Radiant visions recalled do you brighten my night?
Welcome, graceful gardens, mounts crimson at sunset,
and you, silent paths in the grove, bearing witness to heavenly rapture,
and stars gazing high who so freely would once grant your blessing!
And you lovers, May’s beautiful children, quiet roses,
and you lilies I still invoke.
Springs go by, it is true, one year still supplanting the other.
Changing and warring, time rushes over our mortal heads,
but not in the eyes of the blessed.
To lovers a different life is given,
since all the days and years of the stars,
oh, Diotima, around us have eternally united.

While we, paired like mating swans, when by the lake they rest
or on the waves they sway gazing at waters where silver clouds are mirrored
and the blue of the ether ripples, thus on this earth we roamed.
And if the North Wind, hostile to lovers, was a threat gathering grief,
and down came leaves from the boughs, and rain lashed at the air,
calmly we smiled, full of our own god
in familiar talk, a song of souls,
at peace, childlike, raptly alone.
Yet, my house now looms desolate; my eyes are gone,
l have lost not only her but my whole being.
So now I wander here and there,
living in the shadows and the rest has long lost all meaning.

I long to celebrate, but what? Along with others I yearn to sing,
and yet in loneliness I miss all that is godly. This is my failing, I know
a curse mauls my tendons maims me from the start,
so that I sit numb like a moping infant, though at times cold tears brim my eyes.
The flowers in the field, the song of birds distress me,
they are heralds of heaven, bearers of joy,
Yet to my aching heart, the life-giving sun
dawns cold, arid, vain, feeble like rays of the night.
Futile and empty prison walls the heavens hang smothering over my head!

Holy breath through the bright figure now flows,
while the feast is inspired and love streams drift.
Fed by the heavens, on rolls the lively river.
When the depths echo,
Night pays her lavish tribute
and from the streams gold long submerged glitters.
Oh, but you, fleeing already when I collapsed
at your feet, soothingly showed me the way to something fairer.
You taught me to hanker after Greatness and praise the gods in silent joy,
ardently silent like the gods themselves. Oh, you, child of the gods,
do you appear to me now, greet me once more
speak to me like before of higher things?
Look, in your presence I weep, lament,
remembering nobler times my heart fills with remorse.
For so long on the weary paths of earth, longing I have sought you,
oh, glad sheltering spirit! But all in vain,
and years have passed since we gleaned the future bathed in the evening glow.

Tender spirit, from your happy thoughtful brow,
benign and sure, your radiance falls upon the mortals.
So you bear witness, and vouch that also to others
I may convey who still doubt,that more enduring
than care and anger is joy and that the golden day
will always shine in the end.

And, as before, when with her I stood on sundrenched heights,
now a god speaks bracing words from the depths of the temple.
Come, it was all a dream!
Your bleeding wings have already healed,
and restored to youth all your old hopes are revived.
Much remains to be done to discover Greatness.
Whoever this way has loved plods on, can do no otherwise.
You lead us, you divine hours, serious, youthful ones,
stay with us, holy presentiments, pious prayers,
you, inspirations, and all of you kindly Spirits who gladly attend to lovers.


blitz theatre group

blitz theatre group
Angelos Skassilas
Stefanie Carp

Set designer
Efi Birba

Costumes designer
Vassilia Rozana

Lighting designer
Tassos Paleoroutas

Sound design - Μusic
Yorgos Konstantinidis
Coti K.

Yannis Nikolaidis

Assistant director
Vassia Attarian

Assistant set designer
Alexia Chrysochoidou

Make-up designer
Evi Zafiropoulou

Hair designer
Aris Armaganidis
Aris Balis
Michalis Kimonas
Angeliki Papoulia
Christos Passalis
Areti Seintaridou
Yorgos Valais

Stage automation
Thanos Eleftherakos

Tzela Christopoulou
Yorgos Koskorellos
Cristina Suarez Herrero

Set model construction
Michaila Pliaplia

Set construction
Panagiotis Blanas

Lena Papamichail

Shoes & leather accessories construction
Ourania Psevedourou
Masks construction
Roger Fischer

Fabric special treatments & dying
Grigoris Bessas
Efi Karantasiou
Litsa Moumouri

Project development, Promotion & Touring
Judith Martin / Ligne Directe

Production Manager
Maria Dourou

Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens
& blitz theatre group

Co-produced by Sao Luiz Teatro Municipal - Lisbon (PT), La Filature – Scène Nationale de Mulhouse (FR), La Comédie De Reims – Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe (FR), Théâtre De La Ville - Paris (FR), Nouveau Théâtre De Montreuil (FR), Ligne Directe - Paris (FR) - Festival d' Avignon (FR)

Special thanks to all the participants of the workshops ‘Theatre as a construction site’, that were realized in Brussels and Reims, the Athens Festival, Synergyo, Yolanda Markopoulou, Tanya Kaladyasnaya, Voula Michail, GIANNETOS company, and MISHOP stores.


Festival d' Avignon
Avignon, 2016 ✓

Festival Vagamondes
Mulhouse, 2016 ✓

Festival Reims Scènes d'Europe
Reims, 2016 ✓

made by Lamb and Lamp