Bonnie and Clyde discuss
C: Bonnie?
B: Clyde?
C: They’re probably in love, Bonnie.
B: Mmm.

Two unknown men discuss
A: I think she was crying in my funeral. Sometimes I imagine her talking to her buddy about me. Talking about my death. About how I was when they were putting me in the grave. And then, the guy fucks her.
B: The consolation fuck.
A: Mmm.

Goethe and Schiller discuss
G: Whenever they talked about life after death, I always imagined sonar sounds and people floating in the air. But now that we are here, it looks more like Frankfurt.
S: Mmm.

Bergman and Tarkowski discuss
T: The style between your first 4 movies is totally different, it’ s constantly changing.
B: That’s true. I was changing style even during the film. You can see that today in the works of new directors. They miss their step, they cannot find their self.
T: Mmm.
I don’t accept Evil. Man is perfect. The soul is incorruptible. Progress exists. Until now, they have described misery in order to inspire horror and pity.
I will describe happiness. There is no death. Everyone is immortal. Everything is immortal. Light and reality do exist, darkness and death don’t.

Let us pray now.

Lord, grant me the ability not to pray, ever. I wish the void between my heart and the sky grows day by day.
I do not want you to fill my loneliness with your presence, my nights to be tortured by your light. The only thing I ask from your stupid omnipotence is to respect my solitude. I don’t need your words.

Directed by
Giorgos Gallos
Vasilis Mavrogeorgiou
Argyris Xafis
blitz theatre group
Argyro Chioti

Assistant Director
Vaggelis Zlatintsis

Scenic design
Eva Manidaki ↗

Kyriaki Tsitsa

Lighting design
Tassos Palaioroutas

Stavroula Siamou

Henri Kergomard

Giorgos Valais
Giorgos Gallos
Despina Kourti
Αriane Labed
Vasilis Mavrogeorgiou
Argyris Xafis
Christos Loulis
Aggeliki Papoulia
Christos Passalis
Giannos Perlegkas
Evi Saoulidou
Argyro Chioti

National Theatre of Greece ↗
Athens, 2009 
made by Lamb and Lamp