Guns!Guns!Guns! is a delirious review of the 20th century. Using various means, six performers, one after the other, sitting behind a big table in front of the audience, present and re-present crucial -for them- moments and characteristics of the century. Historical persons, audio documents, romantic heroes, public speeches, guns, art movements, songs, national anthems and flags are the raw material of the performance.

National Anthem of the USSRNational Anthem of the USSR
Eleftherios VenizelosEleftherios Venizelos
National Anthem of GermanyNational Anthem of Germany
Greek military marchGreek military march
Horst Wessel LiedHorst Wessel Lied
Since the world
follows a delirious path,
we have to adopt a
delirious point of view

— Jean Baudrillard
I have the desire to put everything in a film –in its words, in its storytelling, and talk about sports, politics, even about grocery stores. Take Edouard Leclerc, for example, he is a really a remarkable person, I would love to do a film about or with him. We have to put everything in a film. When they ask me why I talk about Vietnam, about Jean Anquetil, about a lady that’s cheating on her husband, I ask the person that’s posing the question to pay attention to his everyday reality. Everything is there. And everything makes sense. That’s why I’m so fascinated with television. It would be amazing if we could see a news bulletin with well-made documents.

— Jean Luc Godard

Question: Without wanting to disagree with you or the young people, I would like to remark that there is another view, according to which, today’s young people, while questioning everything, have no rules to suggest.
Answer: Right now a world that was founded 10.000 years ago and has lasted for 100 centuries is collapsing. How could we expect from 15-20 year old kids to invent -in just a few days- the one that will replace him? Today, a new world is being created. If and when it will de finally realised, it will be the work of many successive generations.
Question: The young people agree with what you ‘re saying?
Answer: Generally speaking, I wouldn’t know.

— Kornilios Kastoriadis, The Problem of Revolution Today
Directed by
blitz theatre group

blitz theatre group
Νikos Flessas
Marialena Mamareli

Scenic design
Eva Manidaki ↗

Lighting design
Tassos Palaioroutas

Ippokratis Delveroudis
Aggeliki Papoulia
Christos Passalis
Stavroula Siamou
Vangelis Slatintsis
Giorgos Valais

Myrto Apostolidou
made by Lamb and Lamp